BoardOff - Design Tool

BoardOff is a twin tip kiteboard design tool built in MS Excel 2007. It allows you to 
create 1:1 plans twin tip
  • Outlines
  • Rocker table designs incorporating custom rocker and concave profiles
  • Basic modelling of your board flex profile.
You can export it as .dxf file that can be imported into most CAD programs including free ones like ACAD9 or DraftSight so you can print pdfs or modify on screen.

Get the latest version  Version 1.3.16 

BoardOff video tutorials (WIP)

See the current videos here

Way under the hood 

Detailed theory behind BoardOff Flex Models for those in touch with their inner geek here


  1. In version 1.3.14 I've replaced the DXF macros so that it now uses Polylines instead of 1mm line segments that it did before. This is more CNC friendly. I have tested it in LazyCAM which is the tool that Mach3 uses to convert DXF to GCODE and it seemed to recongnise all the lines in the file. I need to find someone who can test it for me.

    With the new version, if you set the option 'Show gradient ants/DXF export' to No then only the board outline and the insert holes will be shown ( no text, scale etc). Again this is to assist with CNCing. Hope you enjoy.