Board Project Plans

B5 The Light Wind Machine 'The Levitator'

137 x 44cm light wind board

Excellent light wind or choppy conditions board. Gets me out on the water probably 25% more often than other local kiters.

Very flexible so an extremely comfortable ride. Its super wide to point were people laugh at you sometime but then they swear at you (under their breath) because you're out there in no wind days doing jumps.

Although it really excels in light wind or very choppy conditions I can hold it up to 25 knots on a 10 m kite.

Click here for full plans in DXF and pdf format and construction details.

B6 - Mini Me. Scaled down version of B5

132x41cm flat water board
Similar to the light wind board (scaled it down in BoardOff) but kept the tips at the same width making for squarer corners. I built 2 versions: one very stiff and one very flexible. Flexible is superior. Very good in flat water terrible in big chop - lots of spray in the face. To convert this to an all rounder it needs to bring the nose in by about 3 cm each side.

Full plans and construction details here

B8 - WakeUP

Wake style board based on the Slingshot Darkside. 138x41cm. Tips 31cm wide, continuous rocker.
I  have not built this yet but Downunder has used a very similar outline in his Shanai (see forum)

Wet Dream Mk1 - Designed and Built by Alex Harrison-Smith (134 cm)

Contact : alexharrisonsmith[at]

The WET DREAM MK1 is a great fun board for the intermediate to advanced kiter. It has a very easy edge to edge control with a progressive rocker making it an excellent wave twin tip. The even flex of the board ......

Full Construction Details and Plans (including Rocker Table DXFs)

Woodie Wake Plank by Andy Cross (Wolfie)

(BoardOff plan showing the export grid to help align pages when printing on letter/A4 sheets)

Length 134cm; Width 40cm; Rocker 4cm continuous; Concave 5mm

The board was designed as a progressive freeride / freestyle board for flat water / light chop (typical UK east coast conditions) .........

Construction Details and DXF file

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