Thursday, January 31, 2013

Board Plans Page rejigged

In preparation for growing the library of board plans for people to download and make I've rejigged the project plans page to be more of an index with click throughs to each projects own page with the dxf and pdf files for the boards.

If you don't already have a free CAD program for viewing and exporting the DXF files Lex put me onto DraftSight which is a great 2D free cad program (much better than ACAD9 that I was using before) and has no issues with the extended length of the output from BoardOff.

Check out Lex's Wet Dream Mk1 on plans pages. Board and rocker table DXF's available.

Holy shit - Basalt now on sale in Australia!!!

Finding Basalt fibre was a monumental task that Mirsad undertook when starting up Navis Boards. He had little luck in Europe and of course that meant no chance in Australia. Alibaba was the only hope and they were hit and miss unless you wanted to but a container load.

Now, after following Peters link on his new board through to Play With Carbon I saw that Basalt fibre is for sale but the meter. Holy shit!! This is the most exciting thing since they solved Fermat last theorem.

Basalt is literally that - spun basalt rock instead of spun glass. Its properties are mid way between glass and carbon, so is the price but it looks like Carbon because its black as your darkest nightmares that you knew were going to catch you at some point.

Much happiness, long time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Asymmetrical Outlines for Mutants and Surfboards

I did a bit of a hack on the outline tool in BoardOff so that it instead of being limited to the symmetrical outlines of twin tip you can draw asymmetrical outlines for surfboards and mutants. You need to design the nose and tail as separate templates and there is a new button 'combine templates' that then stitches them together. Below is a quick example. I know nothing about surfboard design but now have some motivation to find out. 

The recent update in the length to 180cm should be enough for surfboards and mutants but raceboards would be longer again! Doh.

The last thing needed to finish the part of Board off is some additional control over the fins which will no longer be parallel and need to be able to have 2,3 and 4 fins options. 

This feature will be in 1.13.16 that will go up in the next couple of days. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maximum Length of Board in BoardOff extended to 180cm

I've had a couple of people have been interested in using BoardOff for boards longer than 140cm which was the previous limit. In the latest update of BoardOff the drawing part of the worksheet has been changed to a maximum length of 180cm.

While it still solely for twintips the longer drawing area might make it possible to start using it to design surfboard outlines. Initial I am thinking of making it a bit of a work-around by superimposing the top and bottom half of the boards - you could do this now by designing the left and right sides separately  exporting and merging the two twin-tip decks to form the whole thing. I'm thinking up ways to make this a bit easier.