Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fabric and Urethan precured topsheets + Rail trimming

Precured topsheets of fabric and urethane - no glass in the pile. This looks like a better approach to topsheets compared to the heavy version I made last time using fibreglass


Also, check out this skateboard making video at around the 3 minute mark for a great setup for trimming the board using the original template.



  1. Nice Matt!
    It's interesting how they drill the holes too, quite custom setup.
    I'm thinking to buy a small second hand belt saw for ~$200, but where to put all of this stuff is a challenge:) And probably not feasible:(

    Also, found snowboard inserts here http://boardcrafter.com/

    They are selling 16 for $9!

    I've got some of the above but they are not really Stainless Steel, ie. a magnet will work on them. Will see what happens in the water.

    The inserts I've sourced before locally are pure S. steel, but the price is premium, like $4 each!

    I'm good to go with my second board! Happy Easter and good lock!


    1. Hey Dean, Good stuff. That guy also have made some snowboard software. He looks like a very serious DIY/home business snowboard builder. Great to hear a new boards on the way. I'm just back from Bryon Bay and we actually got a day of great wind despite no forcast. Lots of turtles and 2 small sharks. Crystal clear water!@!!

  2. urethane, interesting. Its the application of it that is the trick. Unless you just buy a can of floor cover and paint it on.

    1. Hi Peter, I've seen two part urethane for sale at Smoothon.com with a variety of hardnesses up to about 90.

  3. and they use a spindle molder with a spacer above the blades to do the final trim. There is the concrete mold Matt.

    1. Thanks for giving me a name for the tool. I hadn't heard of spindle molders before. It looks like it coudl be easily DIY'd with a router?

    2. Yeah it can be.
      I made one at work for something we had to do a few years ago. It was a small table with a router/trimmer bolted in upside down with the cutting bit through the table top. Carefull of that bit though.

      Youd want a router bit like the one you use when cutting out a pattern for a board. Have a look at carbatec's web site they have bits galore and one that may suit.

      For the urethane , i guess you would just make it up like a resin top sheet?.

  4. Hey Matt,
    since you are back, may I suggest something? Sometimes it's difficult to read comments, like u need to click on it every time...
    Would you be able to put Recent Comments (from More Gadgets) at the bottom of the page? Like on my blog?



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