Monday, March 5, 2012

B6 Mini-Me underway

The light wind board has been going so well that I decided push ahead with the scaled down version for bigger wind and see what characteristics carry over as size reduced. Re-templated and cut it out on the weekend.

The core will be 8mm thick so it meant creating 2 decks which means that there is the extra step gluing (and waiting) which I've wanted to avoid. Only remedy would be to use thicker core material and work out some way of routing the top deck contours.

I've haven't glued all the planks together to form the core, just built up the two decks so there are now 4 pieces. Assembling the pieces at the time of the lay up seems to work well to reduce spring back of concave and so I'm going to stick to that process here.

The cut decks prior to gluing together

Glued and under the vac bag.
The target board design from BoardOff


  1. Nice Matt!
    Looks like when you are gluing two planks they are not in a jig? Just glued horizontally, is that correct?


    1. Hey Dean!!! Yes just gluing the planks of top and bottom to each but not gluing the 4 seperate pieces into a deck. So, I've effectively got the deck in 4 x 100 strips.

      You got an new projects in the pipeline?


  2. You know...there should be a 'I like' button :)