Sunday, February 19, 2012

Video Guides to BoardOff (WIP)

BoardOff has been downloaded over 1000 times now but there is relatively little in the way of user guides so I've finally got around to starting some tutorials on how to use it. I've done a few screen movies and will keep building the library of videos until all the basics are covered.

I hope you find them useful!

 BoardOff Video Tutorials


  1. Great videos Matt, thanks. Id learnt how to use it but they have cleared up a couple of things for me.

  2. Hi RTR. Glad to hear that you worked out how to use it. Despite the number of donwloads I don't really know how much people are using it so its good to hear you got it sorted.

    I've tentatively started work on a desktop version so no external programs needed and can have design wizards in it to make it easier to use and share designs. It will take a while to get it out there but should be a good learning experience.

    Saw you're vac pump in action. Looked good. It must have mechanical relay in the controller? Mine has a solid state and so it needs to cool down before it re-engages so even slowish leaks mean mine lets the pressure drop a long way before it re-engages. Have been thinking to add a reservior to it give longer between off an on.

    1. Im not sure what the realy is. I didnt take alot of notice, but there is one in the control box. I will have to have a proper look.

      The only thing that i cant do with the board off is print from my pc. What i do is inport the finnished outline into google sketchup them convert it to pdf that way. Have to print it from another pc , but i think thats more about not having the full acrobat to print it.

  3. I didn't realise that sketchup could take DXF files. That v. good to know. I'm only using acrobat reader X free version. I was amazed to find that it will tile an oversized pdf. Also, discovered that adobe illustrator can read dxf files. I have a very old version but it still works.

    Its great to hear that you worked out how to use BoardOff. If you have any thoughts about ways to make it easier it would be great to hear them. I've turned teh first sod on a desktop version which hopefully you should be able export as a PDF of jpeg directly as well as .DXF

    Bought some resin in bulk yesterday which should be enough for about 4 or 5 boards ( ie. about 12 months effort) so keen to get the mini-me happening.

  4. Sketchup pro can, not sure about the other versions. Im sorta into 3d and graphics stuff. Im still working on board graphics for when i get one printed.

    Thats good about the resin etc, was it standard resin you got or epoxy?