Sunday, February 26, 2012

Started desktop version of BoardOff

I've decided to put together a desktop version of BoardOff design tool with the goal of making more intuitive to use than the Excel workbook version. It will have the same main section (outline, rocker, flex) but I'm going to try to improve each of these over time but adding visual design tools, improved flex modelling and improved easy of comparing different designs.

I'm going to use C#.NET because its the only language I don't have a really step learning curve with so it means that it will run on windows machines and because its not a WPF application it means that for folks using other operating systems you should be able to run it if you install MONO ( the open source .NET libraries).

So, it anyone has any suggestions on functions and features to add then please send them my way so I really make it useful and powerful.

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