Saturday, February 11, 2012

B6 Design - Mini-Me

For the next board I was going to try the light wind board again but this time getting the process right. I still will do this but I'm quite keen to try a scaled down version. Here's a mockup of the design for the next board. Its 130x41cm and othersiwe exactly the same parameters as the light wind board.

I compared this to the Lunacy and its turns out to be very similar. However, the lunacy has very little rocker and is around 11-12mm thick. My version of it will have the same rocker /concave as the lightwind board (now that I have the jigs all set ) and will be be thinner. Hopefully this will help it in the surf and the chop an bit more.

Am going to try to get the production process running a bit smoother this time and hope to pre-cure the topsheet.


  1. Hi Mattma

    JMF here from Kiteforum. Great blog extremely informative well done. Did you ever get to using HDPE as a base? what did you go with?

  2. Hi Justin.

    Thanks very much. I've read many of your posts on kiteforum and been impressed by the great work and how much you seem to really enjoy the journey of making boards!

    Unforetunately I haven't tried using HDPE. I came across one post on skibuilder I think where someone had used it on a snowboard but they didn't go into details on how to get a good bond with epoxy so I have tried it yet. In fact I haven't used any abrasion resistant materials. I'm in Australia and the only sources I can find are in the US and the shipping cost makes it too $$ for small quantities.

    To date I haven't come up with anything useful. The only lead I have is that a local plastic supplier sells 1mm thick sheets of UHMWPE. However, I think that it would need to be corona treated to get a good bond.

    This is something I'm actively looking in to at the moment so lets stay in touch in case either of us come up with something.