Monday, January 30, 2012

Peel Ply FYI

Not that this all that relevant for kiteboards but I thought that this was interesting none the less.,%20SAMPE%20(Anaheim)%20MDC%20950072.pdf

In a nutshell it says if you are going to laminate over a cured surface that has had peel ply used over it then you have to clean and sand it v. vigorously as the release agents used on nylon release films will contaminate the surface and cause a weak bond.

This came up in the context of looking at precuring topsheets and playing with the idea of making the skins with peel ply incorporated as part of the 'stack'. That is

- fibreglass scrim or surface tissue ( <2 oz)
- graphics
- nylon release film

The release film being used in place of layer of glass so that a colored background can be applied to the decals instead of having to apply a second, coloured layer of resin after the resin in the surface tissue has cured.

Apparently non-coated nylon will chemically react with epoxy though would have thought that it might need to be done at elevated temperatures to get this to happen or at least insulate the curing stack so that the heat generated during curing can be held in to assist the process.

Maybe using densely woven but thin cotton material might be a better option.

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