Monday, December 5, 2011

Cores ready to laminate for board #3

Finally the cores are ready to laminate.
Life cycle of the core design...

The Paulownia cores are finally ready to rock.

The inserts and rails are cured and I've thinned the cores down from 12mm to about 10mm in the middle tapering to 8 at the end of the top deck and then 6mm constant thickness of the lower layer. I've also filled the insert holes with wax to prevent resin getting in (which is v. painful to remove afterwards).

I've got all the glass and graphics cut to size and now its just waiting on the rain to ease so I can start glassing.
The board 'kit' ready to roll.

Lay up schedule is going to be pretty basic:

+2 x 200 gm ( 6 oz) e-glass cloth top and bottom
+graphics encapsulated between 2 layers on bottom
+4 oz s-glass reinforcement under the foot pads
+R180 resin with slow hardener (to allow longer for excess resin to flow away)
+ White pigment in resin to seal the wood and provide the white background for the images on the underside
+ Seal the top with clear resin and let it yellow in the UV (for the antique wood finish)
+peel ply, paper towels (lots) for bleeder, breather material, proper 200 u vac bag. 25 mmHg vac.
+room temperature cure ( apparently R180 is designed for room temperate cure and doesn't benefit much from post curing. FGI's R300 series on the other hand requires it).
++ (new) glass both sides in the same session instead of one at a time.

Now just need the sun to come out and the rain to stop cause I'm working outside in the open car port and apparently moisture in the air weakens the resin. Although if its going to be under the vacuum film after 30 mins of wetting out then I am not sure how much opportunity there will be for it to absorb moisture.........

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