Sunday, November 13, 2011

Very, very cheap source for fins

I came across this vendor on e-Bay who sell fins v. cheaply. Their website is good and the video of the fin strength test is impressive. They are polycarbonate reinforced with fibreglass.

I'm going to order a few of the 2" fins and see how they go. They are listed on ebay at $22+$4 shipping for 4 - about 1/3 of the price of the cheapest fins I can get in Oz.

They also mention that the top and bottom sheet material they use is Dupont's Crastin® PBT. At least this is one lead to locate an AU distributor. Unforetunately they won't sell you printed sheets of PBT for DIY'ing

UPDATE: Fins on their way

Update 2: These guys also sell foot pads, strap and grab handles plus for a small setup fee will print your own logo on any of these accessories. No minimum order. Will keep you updated when I get hold of them. The ones below were $57 USD + postage ( $17 to Australia). Dimensions for the pads are on the website.

Update 3: All arrive very swiftly - 1 week ( express and 1.5 week regular post from taiwan!)

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