Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paper graphics

When I was gluing the woodplanks together I used some of the left over resin to see whether it would cause the inkjet printed graphics to run. I'm happy to say it did not.

I took a few picture but you can't see much from them because the font I used (old type-writter) already looks smudged and the camera had trouble focusing properly so the blurred images make it look like is has run. But, I assure you it did not. The pixelation that was visible right off the printer was still there, there was no obvious running of spreading of the inks.

I was using standard inkjet ink (bought from Coles in fact) on 80 gms printer paper. The paper became translucent but no were near transparet. Thin stock (tissue paper or rice paper), I've read, is the way to go.

I am going to try on thinner stock to see if it makes any difference but I am quietly confident it won't.

Just for completeness here's a few of the snaps ( I promise in real life its not running)
The logo in the free font 'Old Typewriter'
Close up of the underside - although the font has rough edges the edges remain well defined.  
The red dot - the red halo around it is due to light and poor focus of camera.

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