Sunday, November 13, 2011

Board 3 Templates

It's a happy coincidence that each time I start a new board council clean day comes along and provides all the wood I need for the rocker table jigs and this time for the board templates.

Despite thinking about different ways to make the table adjustable, using fixed rocker and concave jigs that are cut from mdf and building a Brokite style clamp just proves to be so easy. It's easy to get the material, easy to make sure you have a symmetrical setup and is reusable. Also, because the plan is to post-cure the epoxy at 50 C (the recommended temp for the R180 epoxy from FGI that I'm using) then you have 2 of the sides of the 'oven' in place provided by the outer jigs.

So first step after finalizing the design in BoardOff is to trace and cut the jigs and outline templates.

Rocker table jigs cut from 15mm MDF using BoardOff Rocker/Concave profiles
Upper and lower deck templates. Also 15 mm MDF (black paint is just to seal it from the elements)

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