Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Board 3 - Making life easier

Easy Printing of BoardOff Plans 

I decided to make life easy and get the plans for Board 3 printed. The tiling and taping works perfectly but it is time consuming.

I was walking past a local print shop (hole in the wall type) and they were advertising plan printing. They print on continuous rolls of paper with a width of 1000mm (B1 landscape and B0 portrait). Not having used a printer before I didn't know you could get plans this size printed. Anyhow, for just $8 the printed off the 1:1 scale plans for each deck.

I made a change to BoardOff last night so that you can put the plans for the decks and the rocker jigs into the one pdf file for printing. They fit neatly on 24"x60" paper size in CutePDF but with 40" width ( c 1000mm) you could put multiple decks and the same plan.

Below is the printed plans. I used tape around the edges and across where the inserts go to protect the edge when transferring it to the wood templates.

Something that came up during the tweaking of this design was the need to be able to see where the footpads will fit on the decks. I want to use a router on this board to add a uniform taper around the edges and so I needed to know if this was going to result in the footpads hanging over the edge. So I've updated Board Off to be able to draw the footpad outlines in the .dxf files and added some footpad corner markers onto the draft outline design to help with working out how much taper can be put on. This will come out in v1.3.11


  1. Good stuff!
    For a router, will you make a template first and than use a router bit with bearings? I think for my next board will use a smaller router bit ie. 4-6mm wide on the bottom side (water side) for the rails. This is where I mostly damage my board:)
    Also, might put more T-nuts to enable me mounting footpads both ways! Just like on snowboards. Don't know why no one does this on the kite boards?

  2. Hey Dean. Yes was planning on using router bits with bearings on them. However, the only way I can see to put the greater than 45 degree chamfer on the top deck is to put the template under the core because all the router bits I've seen ( i.e at Bunnings) are inverted triangles with teh bearing on the small end. Do you think putting the template underneath will make it difficult and risk damaging the core material? (i haven't worked with a router before and from your photo's I can see your a bit of a pro on the tools).

    Like the idea of the slopped edges for rails! Gives a bigger area for bonding to core as well.

    Was thinking of making templates out mdf. Will that work okay?


  3. Hi Matt,
    Mdf should be fine.
    Some trimmer routers can be narrowed, most plunge routers can not so use trimmer instead if u can find one (dusty tho, since no vacuum attachment).
    I've used 45 degree one with the template below no probs. Don't know how would this work with plastic, might burn it? Slower speed maybe? I didn't care much about degrees, 45 should be fine from a pressure point of view and glassing after. More than that would cross ok?

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