Friday, September 2, 2011

Printing Board-Off plans on desktop printer

I've just discovered (late arrival to the party!) that abode Acrobat Read X (freeware version) allows you to print oversized pdfs across multiple smaller pages. Even lets you set the overlap of the content on the 'tiles' so that its easier to crop and align the pages to stick the larger 'poster' back together.

To print the Board-Off plans I exported it to paper that is 24"x60" with 1 drawing unit = 1 mm. When I set the Tile Scaling to 101%, the x and y scaled printed at the center of the board were just about perfect. Same goes for teh rocker jigs

I tried it on the board off print for the board #3 and it chopped it into 24 pages although I found I had to select 'scale the Tiles' = 101% to get it right. Seems that either something gets lost in the conversion or the pdf output from A9CAD is off a bit. Not sure which but 101% did it.

FoxIT readers doesn't appear to have the same function.

Hope this helps

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