Sunday, September 25, 2011

Press used in North factory

I came across this picture of the press used by North. Presssure  = 170,000 pounds of pressure ( pressumable over the entire surface of the board).

Link to North site Which looks almost identical to the pnuematic presses used to make snowboards.
GrafSnowboards DIY site that used 6 bar (c. 90 psi)

However, I was under the impression that snowboards don't have concave so what does North kites do differently to their press that accomodates concave without the top part of mold causing dry spots in the middle of the board where the top surface bends over it?? Anyone know?

Cheers Matt


  1. Hey Matt,
    Nice find!
    You are right, snowboards don't have concave and they are quite thin on tips and a rocker is much smaller (I've seen some with no rocker).

    The top surface on my North is flat surface in a concave cross section. Just like here:

    If they cnc-mill a core(s!), one might be cut in this shape like in a middle section? Duno:)


  2. Matt, if you look at the above photo this is the GST company, if u ever visit At:)

    "In addition to the snowboards and kiteboards it makes in Austria"...
    My 2 cents:)

  3. Hi Matt,

    recently got a quote at atlinc on a custom made high pressure bladder for molding purposes in pneumatic press. They can make it to almost any spec, hence very expensive, but IMO if this one is wide enough it will conform to the concavity of the board. look onto their site and you'll get the idea,