Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Humble beginnings

Tonight I printed of the 1:1 scale template for board #3 using the the grid overlay feature recently added to Board-off and it worked like a charm. The diamond shapes give you more than enough points of reference to position the A4 pages exactly right without the need for a straight edge to guide. Its only a minor success but a success none the less.
The pdf file contained the board template scaled up 125% and when I printed it I scaled it down to 81% so that the cut marks placed in the pdf by adobe acrobat reader x were visible inside the printable area and not in the margins where they are not printed. 125%*81% gave me the right amount of net scaling I needed. The need for greater than 100% net scaling may be due to my setup (printer etc) so check this for yourselves.

A4 pages stuck together into the 1:1 template from Board-off.

The annotations on the board with the 50mm diamond grid overlay showing.
I'm still waiting to hear back from Paulownia Paradise about transport costs for the wood core. As a back up I'll go with the light weight gaboon marine ply. Even though it comes in at 2x the weight, it is also substantially stronger. the strength to weight ratio is not as good as Paulownia but it is net stronger.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Print function will help a lot, definitely!
    Thanks for doing this.

    I'm thinking for a new board to go with marine ply and bamboo veneer on top and bottom + glass. Really light board for doing tricks :)

    And would look great!

    Marine ply is really cheap, I've paid $10 for my board measurements. Bamboo veneer is $25 but you get 2400/400/0.6mm which is almost good for 2 boards!