Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally settle design for board 3

I've just recieved a shipment of 100x1400x6 mm paulownia wood planks. Enough to make 10 cores.
I've been working up my ideas for 6mm cores Borkite style but need to rebuild my rocker table and trial-and-error a few things before I invest in the carbon to make this single decks.

So I'm going to stick to more convention design -
  1. 2 x 6mm decks 1 wood, 1 klegecel.  
  2. R180 Slow Epoxy from FGI
  3. poured rails
  4. 2 x 7oz e-glass top and bottom (less that usual 3 x 6 oz due to use of wood in core)
  5. vac bagged

New things I'm going to try
  1. Post cure at 50 C
  2. use router to but chamfer of 60 degrees from vertical and 85 degres from vertical aroundupper deck tip and middle like the new North designs
  3. Footstrap inserts all the way through the board to avoid any risk of delamination due to epoxy or sand in the inserts holes
  4. re-instate the use of 0.75mm holes right through board to allow excess epoxy from underside to squeeze through to the upper deck and be wicked away through the bleeder material.

 Heres the compositied design.

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