Friday, June 24, 2011

More BoardOff Functions

I've been tweaking BoardOff some more and added a compositing tool so that it is easier to create multiple deck outlines or compare different outlines to examine the real differences closely. A few other features I've added are asymmetrical corners, convex tips and ability to the latest north-style waists on the upper deck and added a function that merges dxf files so that the multideck design can be exported into a single file for printing.

The updates haven't been uploaded yet but will do over the weekend. In the meantime here are some snapshots of the multi-deckboard designed on BoardOff show a host of the new controls over the outline.

Composited board template showing inverted corners and waist at mid-section.

Pickle-fork type top deck using convex tip option

 The mid-section 'waist' and the 'inverted corners' on the  top deck highlight the 4 sections of the outline that BoardOff lets you control: the tip, corner, mezz section and mid section (waist).

The pickle-fork top deck highlights a shortcoming of using cubic splines instead of higher order polynomials to create the curves. it was nearly impossible to avoid the sharp corner created on the mid line of the tips as the curve could not get vertical enough to have a smooth line there. In practice you probably would try to avoid this kink as it is likely to concentrate the stresses and be a candidate for cracking. One remedy for this short coming in BoardOff is to change from cubic splines to using Bexier curves which give you control over the slope of the lines at the end points rather than only the location of the end points.......

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  1. Hi Matt,
    this option looks awesome! I'm about to start my top deck so this is perfect timing:)