Sunday, May 15, 2011

New blog for the theory side

Because this blog seems much better off being used to track the trial and error of my construction projects, I've decided to kick off another blog to keep a record of the theory that I've picked up in the course of reading up on material needed to understand the flex profile of the board.

For the moment I'm going to use the new blog to document the beam theory and theory behind composite materials that I've used to model the flex profile with the goal being to highlight the importatn relationships among the key board parameters and the flex profile.

Once the model is sufficiently developed the next practical step will be to create some test strips to calibrate and verify the model.

Once I get a few more boards under my belt and get some feedback from others I'm hoping to be able to investigate other parts of the boards handling but for the moment I'm keep my aspirations focused on flex.

The new blog is at


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