Saturday, August 1, 2020

BoardOff Twin Tip Design and Analysis Tool for MS Excel

  • Get the latest copy of Board-Off, the free Twin Tip design tool for MS Excel >> Here V1.3.16 adds ability to design mutants and surfboard outlines. Posted 6/3/2013
  • Kicking off your new project? Set up a thread on the forum and share the journey  >> Here


  1. Dear Mat
    love your blog read it all and now toolling up so i can proceed with my own board construction.
    PLease advise. Does Board Off work in Mac? How?

    Looking forward towards your answers
    Andreas Greece

  2. Hi Andreas. Thanks very much! I'm glad you're enjoying it, I'm having a ball writing it and trying the boards.

    I haven't tried BoardOff on a Mac before. I know that Apple's version of Office 2008 dropped support for VBA which is required for the macro's to run, but they reinstated it for Office 2011. Sorry, I hven't had much to do with Mac.

    I am in the process of see if open office can run it so I'll let you know how I go. Sorry I couldn't be more help.


  3. Hi,
    Thank you vert mych for all information abou the kiteboard production. I just have a question about how we can make a kiteboard longer than 140. I want to make 146 and 153 cm kiteboard. Can you or we adjust the excel table for the measurements. Thanks.

  4. Hey cenk,

    I'm afraid that 140 cm is hard coded into a number of places. It was a very bad idea to do that.

    I'll have a look at it over the weekend and see if I can at least get the drawing part of it working for larger boards. I'd like to make some larger and non-twin tip boards too.

    Thanks for your email.


  5. Bit of a break through in extending it. I've stretched it to 180cm maximum length. have a couple more things to check and will upload this weekend.

  6. Done. Just the drawing part of BoardOff has been updated to maximum length of 180cm. Would love to see you're project on our forum if you'd like to share it with us!!!

  7. Hi,

    just a quick question regarding the calibration for printing. I'm struggling with finding the right values to fill in to get a good result. I know it should probably be straightforward, but somehow I just can't seem to get it to work. My printer output is on a wrong scale everytime. And not overall, but only on the width. I can manage to get the length into the correct scale, but the width is always. It would be great if you could help me. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this great tool!

    Best Regards

    Gerrit (Germany)

  8. Hi Gerrit, Thanks very much for your comment. Its nice to hear from someone using BoardOff.

    Calibrating for printing is a real pain and I'd probably suggest that you use another method that I've had more success with.

    You'll need to install a few bits of software but it is all free. In this method you create a pdf of the dxf file you export and then use adobe reader X (free) to cut it into a4 sized pages. I did this a couple of times but in the end I just created the 1:1 pdf file, took it to a local printer shop who could print architect plans and paid $8 for them to print it. Much easier.

    To be honest I haven't looked at the calibration method for a while so I'll need to refresh my memory and get back to you on it.


    PS would love to see your project on the forum once you get it going.

  9. Hi Matt, Just getting started with your design tool. Love your work!
    Have a question about RockerRibs tab. With template selector =1, Rib10 & 11 come out as #N/A for all values, Is this correct?

    1. Hey Chris, thanks!! Can't remember off top of my head but if the rib spacing is such that 9 ribs cover the length of the board then n/ a is correct as r10 and 11 are out of bounds. let me know if thats not the case and I'll have a closer look. ( just travelling at moment, back from Cairns to Sydney.