Saturday, January 1, 2011

BoardOff Design Tool Revision History

This post contains a link to the latest version of the BoardOff Design spreadsheet (MS Excel 2007) that is available free for download.  Also, if you want to comment on any bugs, suggestions for new features, or ask how to's please use the comments on this post so all can see.

BoardOff contains a new tab that tracks the changes.

Click link below for latest version

 Latest Version

** Note as of 31 May 2017 this has been moved to a git hub site where you'll need to download it.

Version 1.3.17

Added smoothness conditions at the corner-mezz, mezz-mid section joins.Also, enforced smoothness conditions at the joins in the rocker and the concave profiles. Note: some of the stock outlines needed to be updated as the outlines were modified slightly under the continuity conditions (matched first derivatives and zero second derivatives at the ends)

Version 1.3.16
  • Added function to composite different templates on the nose and tail side of the board. This allows mutants and surfboards.
  • fix the flex models to accomodate the longer maximum board length.
  • Few minor bug fixes.
  • NOTE: ACAD9 will not display boards longer than 140cm. Use Draftsight. It is a superior tool and has no problems with the longer boards (and still free)

  • Version 1.3.15 BETA

    There have been a couple of people asking about the possibility of using BoardOff for boards longer than 140cm which was the previous maximum length. It turned out to be a bit easier than I thought to extend the outline drawing part of the program. I haven't takled the flex model as I am not sure whether anyone is using that part of BoardOff and so I've left it as is.

    The maximum length is now 180cm.

    Updates in latest version of v1.3.12a

    Minor fixes 1. Fix error in location of fin inserts that resulted in fin inserted offset too far from rail 2. Add automatic function to force the rails to be added to the board dimensions prior to exporting the rocker table outline. 3. Add fin insert holes instead of just center cross hairs. This is needed for CNC cutting 4. Allow the fin inserts to be drawn as either channels or jus the insert holes. Again a refinement for CN cutting. 5. Added new board outline and rocker design for wake style board similar to the DarkSide.

    Updates in v1.3.11a

    1. Added footpad outlines to the dxf export function for outline template
    2. Added footpad corner markers to the Draft Outline chart to help size the decks to avoid the footpads overhanging
    3. Added .dxf merge function to  the rocker table templates so that they can be  merged into the board outline .dxf file for printing on large sized paper ( e.g. B0)

    Updates in v1.3.10
    1. Added an overlay grid option on dxf exports to help with manual compositing when sticking A4 tiles of the 1:1 scale plans.
    2. Added new tab 'RockerRibs' that generates lateral profiles of the boards rocker and concave profile.

    Updates in v1.3.8/9
    1. Add saveable laminate schedule templates
    2. Add gradient 'ants' to help make the outline continuous
    3. Seperate core design and Flex testing into seperate tabs

    Updates in v1.3.7
    Only minor revisions and bug fixes in this version
    1. Add DXF export for rocker jigs
    2. Add 'water line' - an attempt to determine the line that the surface of the water traces across the bottom of the board. This is an FYI and was an attempt to start understanding drag and board surface design.
    3. Minor bug fixes in the flags for the corner calculations in the outline template.
    4. Replace footstrap insert holes with cross hairs and similarly added cross hairs to the fin insert positions.
    5. Add text box in outlinetemplate to allow an annotation to be recorded on the baord template.

    Updates in v.1.3.4 (2 Aug 2011)
    1. Add function to export OutlineTemplate in DXF format. (Autodesk Autocad format)
    2. Add function to allow dxf files to be be merged together so that multiple deck templates can be merged into a single file.
    3. Add compositing tool to help with designing multideck boards or comparing different outlines. The tool works but take a snapshot of the existing chart and add it as the background of the chart object thus allowing a new outline to be superimposed on top of it.
    4. Add 'waist' or cut-away mid section like the 2011 North board designs.
    5. Add swicthes to toggle the display of the fin inserts,footpad inserts and control points.

    Updates in 1.3.2 version
    Added savable rocker and concave profile templates.
    Added switch to draw convex (cut-away) tips
    Added a 'none' option to the laminate schedule to allow layers of laminate to be be quickly removed.
    Improved FlexProfiler to allow stringers to be modelled in the flex profiling.
    Fixed a couple of formula errors in FlexProfiler
    Relabled the OutlineTemplate control points to clarify their function


  1. I think this is Excel 2007 spreadsheet, and I've got 2003, hence the problems with updating/modifying.

  2. Hi D. It is an excel 2007 (macro enabled) spreadsheet. However, opening it in 2003 won't affect the ability to update it. The affect I've seen is that the chart series are not ploted in the charts in the outline and rocker templates. You can copy and paste the data from the relevant parameter pages (the column heading should make it clear which is which) onto the charts to get them back. Note you will need to unprotect the tab to do this.

    The cells colored grey are the values selected from the list of 'scenarios' that are usually stored in the yellow cells to the right. Where these 'savable' templates are implemented you change the 'template selector' to make the new template the current one. If you want to change the values you need to do so in the yellow colored cells for that template.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks Matt! Dean

  4. Hi, i am having problems downloading the tool. Nothing happens when clicking the link.. Would love to try it. Would you be able to send it with email?

  5. Hey Matt, download link doesn't work.

  6. Now its working again :), got it. Thanks and BTW great blog, lots of info, excellent work! Keep it up!

  7. What is the advantage of this over Board CAD?