Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whats it going to cost??

Today I bought all the materials to finish the baord off over the up and coming easter long weekend.

A couple of small changes

i)  I've decided to replace 1 layer of 6 oz eglass with 4 oz s-glass. I'm hoping to improve the flex and reduce the weight a bit. While it s-glass on paper is 30% strong and about 10% stiffer than e-glass its also about twice the costs at almost $10/m.
ii) Its proving too hard to get hold of stainless steel t-nuts for the foot strap inserts. They seem to be pretty uncommon and the one source I found for them (Brookvale Stainless) would only sell the box of 100 and it was going to cost $130. So I've decided to use stainless steel flange nuts instead. The 6mm nut is also about 6mm from the bottom of the flange to the top and so my idea is to make a small ABS plastic washer to that the nut will fit through and then suspend the whole set up in qcell'd resin. About 20c per nut it beats the 2 dollars a t-nut and you can get them anywhere. I also go 6x10mm bolts.

So here's a round up of the costs on a per board basis.

Potential cost savings on the board - no balsa veneer, use builders plastic instead of vac film, replace peel ply ripstop nylon from an old kite.

Because you end up having to over purchase some things because of the minimum quantities you can buy the per board price is the price you'll end up paying if you make 3 or more boards. I guess if you were buying production quantities there would be some volume discounts......

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