Monday, April 25, 2011

Rocker Table #2

I had been tossing up whether to make a fully adjustable rocker table. A recent seabreeze post showed the details of one that let you dial in any rocker and concave profile you liked. I ended remaking the existing one purely because I could be bothered putting in all the effort to make the adjustable version. In the end it may not have saved much time at all because with the additional rocker and concave in this board I have ended up needing to massively reinforce the rocker table to stop the compound curves I'm trying to bend into the mould surface from completely distorting the frames I used. If ever there was confirmation of the impact of concave (coupled with rocker) than this provided it in truckloads. With 45mm rocker and 7 mm concave (measured at the board edge so at the jig edge the concave was more like 30mm) my full weight of 75kg could no get the jig to bend the shape into the mold and the mold surface is on 4mm (low quality) plywood.

So adjustable rocker table has gone onto the list of time saving projects!

In the end the rocker table has turned out ok. Here are some snaps of the finished product.

Side shot showing the wire ties needed to clamp the jigs down

End shot showing the concave (7mm at board edge exactly)

Underside of the rocker table showing the center and edge jigs


  1. Nice table! Got the bamboo ply today and will probably go with building soon:) Also, got the t-nuts at near by shop...

  2. Cool. Are you going to make an adjustable one?

  3. Not at the moment, will use similar to yours. But I'm thinking about this one, since don't have a pump (it's for skateboard tho):


  4. If may I ask, where did you buy ABS? Ta, Dean

  5. I rang Allplastic Engineering in chatswood and asked I they had any offcuts. by luck they did.

    I'm only using for the board rails ( the table surface here is Perspex). in my next attempt I'm going to pour the rails using the same epoxy I'm using to laminate it. there's a few great posts on in the board builders thread. looks like it saves a lot of time and effort to do it that way. durabilitiy is a bit of an unknown though.