Saturday, April 23, 2011

Core ready for laminating

The core for board # 2 is now ready to start laminating. The wood veneer looks great and generally the insert setting went well.

Total weight now is 850gm. Of this about 160gm is resin used to stick the to layers of Klegecell, balsa veneer, rails and inserts. This means that the board should come out at 2.1kg again as last time I used 1.2kg of glass and resin for 6 layers of 6oz (200gm) glass. This time I'm subing in 2 layers of 4 oz (140gm)  s-glass for 2 of e-glass layers. The slightly lower weight (60gm of cloth for the 2 layers) and slightly less resin about 30 gm ( has baout 50% resin content when vac bagging) means that the board should come out around the same weight as the last board despite the core being 170gm heavier. With the s-glass, increased concave and the (higher modulus) balsa the board should be stronger despite being the same weight.

Core #2 - The first board designed using the Board-Off Design tool in MS Excel.

One thing that I'll need to work on next time is getting the q-cell right. It seems that I didn't get rid off all the solid bits in it. The q-cell I've got is a bit stuck together and so I needed to crush it up to get it back to a fine powder. Obviously I didn't manage to do this because the small pieces floated to the top of the resin as it cured and the top layer of the poured resin had a number of them set in the resin. Fortunately I had over filled each of them ( I knew it would need to be sanded anyhow) and so when I sanded it back it took off most of the solids layer. I thought about using a flour sifter last time but didn't have anything on hand that I could use. Sifter is the go next time.

Otherwise, I'm very happy with the extent to which this core is has improved over the last one. Next step is to tweak the rocker table.

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