Monday, January 17, 2011

Kiteboard making videos


This is post is going to be updated from time to time with links to videos of web pages about kite construction.

Brokites - great detail of the whole construction process. They use 6mm divinycell but cut the core lengthwise into 4 ( and more recently 5 pieces). Each section has 11.5 oz carbon stripes glued to each long edge and then completely in the same. They say that this builds up carbon 'stringers' (22oz each side) rather than just laying up the carbon in complete sheets over the core which would cause teh board to be too stiff.

The video shows there whole set up (rocker table and construction technique)

The latest addition to the Brokites videos that does a bit of a wrap up of their technique and shows the boards in action.

Slingshot SX
Checkout this guy taking to a slingshot with a circular saw. Great insight into construction!!

Vacuum Bagging Videos!!!

The whole shebang

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