Friday, March 24, 2000

Woodie Wake Plank by Andy Cross ( Wolfie)

Length 134cm
Width 40cm
Rocker 4cm continuous
Concave 5mm

The board was designed as a progressive freeride / freestyle board for flat water / light chop (typical UK east coast conditions)
Based around a 10mm cedar core thinning out from the last insert to 3mm at the tips before glassing
Medium flex with 600gsm triax glass on both sides (I would use a lighter cloth probably E glass in a couple of layers if I were to make it again say 2x300g or 3x200g or possibly 2x200g with a 200g +-45 biax as the triax has removed nearly all twisting under load)

Core is tapered 45 degrees through the thicker sections down to the 3mm rail

Tested on a wakeboard cable - planes very well, the tapered rail holds a very strong edge when loading up, the flex eats chop without eating your legs but for my preference I would have it a bit stiffer. Rides like a tea tray if you take the fins off!
Currently the board is still out in Morrocco being tested with a kite so I am awaiting feedback on that one

The DXF is reduced for a 10mm rail


Forum thread to construction details



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