Monday, January 24, 2000

Wake Up - Wake Style Board

B8 - WakeUP (Built)

I recently rode a Slignshot Darkside and loved it. It literally threw its self up the front of the waves at such a speed that it felt like have a rug pulled out from under you. Inspired by what I could see from an outsiders view I've designed up a board with some similar attributes. See the latest version of Boardoff for the 'waketyle' templates for the exact parameters.

a. 138 x 41cm, multiple deck. Paulownia lower deck and PVC foam for upper deck.
b. 31cm wide tips ( quite tapered for ridding in chop)
c.Fins inset a long way into the board and will use smaller fins , maybe 1 ". Not sure exactly why this is the case in the Darkside. Will be interesting to see. My guess is that it just locates them closer to the center to assist enhancing the mid-section rails ability to grab the water without having the strong direction righting force of fins at the tips. Also, potentially keeps both fins in the water and so improves up wind ability that is lost with the more curved sides.
d. 50mm rocker, 2 stage but very close to continuous rocker. Mid-section slightly flattened for around 150mm.
e. 6mm concave.
f. Very stiff - about 15-20mm tip flex under 20kg load based on model

1:1 scale PDF of the board and rocker jigs

1:1 scale Pdf

and 1:1 scale DXF file of the same.

DXF version

Forum posts for build using Basalt Fibre!

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